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HR Management, Business Operations, Employee Training

Stricter work environment and labor laws are enacted every year, thus the relationship between manager/employees or superiors/subordinates are increasingly becoming more complex. The severe coaching given for business improvement could be viewed as power harassment, on the other hand, because of the strict Japanese employment environment, it maybe difficult for workers to present necessary proposals and recommendations to change the company culture.

Our company, and it’s team of experienced specialists, provide you with the best consultation and training regarding HR management, business operations, and employee training from a third party perspective to help you achieve the goals of your company.

International Business Development, with a Specialization in Hong Kong/China

Global Business
Now is a time of expanding business opportunities overseas, including Asia. We provide professional consultation to businesses seeking to expand overseas catering to your particular business goals, and also implement corporate goals upon request. We have offices in Hong Kong, and provide support for your expanding business into Hong Kong/China. We can work with both domestic and overseas projects.

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